MPLAI 2021

In order that applicants obtain most benefits from competing for MPLAI in 2021, the organizers accounted for other two major events in organization of which ISLAI and IMCS participate:

  1. VI International Conference on Mathematical Foundations of Informatics MFOI-2020, Kiev – an event postponed from 2020 to January 12–16, 2021
  2. Symposium on Logic and Artificial Intelligence (SLAI), Natchitoches-Iasi-Chisinau, January 13-14 2021 – an event associated and collocated in virtual mode with MFOI-2020.

Since the time frames of these two events intersect on World Logic Day, a person can participate also in both these events. An applicant needs to submit a paper by January 4th of 2021, 24:00, in PDF format, to the email address copy and submit this paper also to MFOI-2020 as this is described here:

Notice, that the World Congress on Universal Logic was postponed to 2022. Thus, 2021 is not a “Unilog year”.