MPLAI 2021 Awards

  • The Prize for contributions to Natural Language Processing is awarded to Dumitru Prijilevschi, Gheorghe Morari, Stefan Stratulat, and Tudor Bumbu for the paper: “A Disambiguation Model for Natural Language Processing”.
  • The Prize for applications of Artificial Intelligence to Cultural Heritage Digitization is awarded to Tudor Bumbu and Iulian Cernei for the paper: “Ensuring Access to the Moldovan Legacy using Elements of Artificial Intelligence”.
  • The Prize for the original use of Augmented Reality technologies is awarded to Olesea Caftanatov, Daniela Caganovschi, Lucia Erhan, and Ecaterina Hilea for the paper: “State of the Art: Augmented reality Business Cards”.
  • The Prize for contributions to the Algebra of Logic is awarded to Kuznetsov Elena and Kuznetsov Eugene for the paper: “Generalized Boolean Algebras, Boolean Rings and Extensional Algebras”.