MPLAI 2022

In order that contestants for MPLAI 2022 get most benefits, they are invited to also participate in an event where they can share some of their results:

Symposium on Logic and Artificial Intelligence, January 12-16 2022 (SLAI-2022)

The format of the paper submitted for MPLAI-2022 and the paper submitted to SLAI-2022 coincide and is described here: The MPLAI contestants participating in this contest must submit a paper by October 18, 2021.

The papers of the contestants for MPLAI 2022 must be in PDF format and are to be sent to the email address of MPLAI contest with copy to,

A contestant with a paper on a subject in AI are requested to submit a paper in SLAI-2022 format by January 3, 2022, 24:00, which is a deadline. The version updated after all the peer reviews from SLAI-2022 must be submitted.

The contestants for Moldova Logic Prize are requested to use Springer template recommended by Logica Universalis journal in preparing their manuscripts and submit the manuscript by November,7, 2021, 24:00.

The Jury will select the Moldova Logic Prize winner by November 12, 2021, 24:00.

The deadline for competitors with a paper on a subject in logic is planned for an earlier time because the year 2022 is a “Unilog year” due to this event:

7th World Congress and School on Universal Logic organized in Crete, Greece, April 1 – 11, 2022.