MPLAI 2022

In order that competitors for MPLAI 2022 get most benefits, they are invited to participate in an event where they can also share their results:

Symposium on Logic and Artificial Intelligence, January 12-16 2022 (SLAI-2022)

The format of the paper submitted for MPLAI-2022 and the paper submitted to SLAI-2022 coincide and is described here:

A competitor for MPLAI 2022 needs to submit a paper by January 3, 2022, 24:00, in PDF, using the email address of MPLAI copy,

Notice, that 2022 is a “Unilog year” with its specifics for the MPLAI-2022, due to this event:

7th World Congress and School on Universal Logic organized in Crete, Greece, between April 1 – 11, 2022.